Book Review: Patch!



I love looking at the pictures in the Cath Kidston books and Patch! is as good as the previous titles. I like making the items you get the materials for with the book, this time you get everything to make the patchwork panel on the cover. You also get backing fabric to make it into a bag or cushion. The patterned fabrics are provided as squares rather than pre cut shapes so could use them for any project.


I have made the hexagon pincushion (p.130) although it felt like cheating as I used some hexagons leftover from another project! The instructions were really clear and easy to follow.

This is a good book for beginners as it has lots of instructions for the techniques you will need. The wide range of projects for different skill levels makes this a useful guide to patchwork. For me this is another pretty Cath Kidston book that I will enjoy even if I don’t make many of the projects exactly as they are in the book.


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