Lysy: Keykalou Bags

I have become enamoured by bag making recently, and I’ll tell you for why (as Uncle Bryn might say):

1. They are nice and quick compared with making clothing, and you don’t have fit issues

2. They are nice and methodical to put together, which I love

3. They use small bits of fabric and so are great for stash-busting

4. They look impressive and so get you lots of crafter kudos points

Keykalou bracelet bag

I’ve made quite a few bag projects over the last few months which I really truly intend to take photographs of some day soon. Here are a couple of smaller ones which I gave my mum. Both are designs by keykalou (for sale as downloads here). I really recommend her designs: they are fun and easy, and the instructions are really clear. I had quite a hard time deciding which to buy 🙂

Ooh – cute lining!

The  bracelet bag is the slightly harder one of the two as you have to sew around the circular opening quite carefully. The pocket clutch on the other hand, is a delight for a new sewer. However I think with a bit of care a beginner could make either with no problems. I’ve actually made three of the pocket clutches (which I could swear I photographed but apparently not). They really play to my love of cute lining fabrics 🙂

Keykalou pocket clutch

Ooh…yes, you get the idea


3 responses to “Lysy: Keykalou Bags

  1. Oooh so lovely – I love both these designs. I might have the bag making bug too – they are very rewarding! Off to check out the Keykalou site now…

  2. Yup, I’ve spent much of the last two months making clutches, purses and shoulder bags – they’re so quick and easy to make! However, mine don’t come from a pattern, so are extrordinarily plain (read: dull & boring) – I might need to try the pocket clutch to brighten up the collection!

    Although I did promise not to buy any more download patterns until I’ve used at least a few of the ones in my folder… 😀

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