Kate: All-Day Tote

One of the few Christmas gifts I managed to make was this All-Day Tote which came from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. This was the first project I had made from this book (despite it being a few years since I bought it!) and I was a little concerned that it said that even those experienced using their sewing machines would take one or two days to complete this.

As it turned out, it was fairly straight forward and the instructions were very clear. I managed to get it done in a couple of days (working during my daughter’s naps!) so really it was only a few hours work. And it would have been done even quicker had I measure out my pieces properly – I had under measured on a few pieces (I don’t know where my head was when I was cutting out!) which meant I had to recut  and waste fabric. Not cool!

I made the bag as a hold-all for my parents to use when they go for walks so they could take their things in the car (it’s not suitable for actually taking out with them, I realise this!).

I also made some trail mix using a mish-mish of recipes (eventually, I just picked some nice sounding nuts and dried fruits along with some yoghurt-covered peanuts from local health food store). I filled a large glass jar with some, wrapping it with ribbon and putting a label on the lid to cover the original contents(!). I also embroidered my parents’ initials on little bags so they can carry their own portion when they go for a walk.


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