Top Tip Tuesday: Try Something New

I am sure that many of us have at some point set ourselves the task of learning a new craft as a new years resolution. If you have set yourself this challenge for 2012 why not suggest the craft as a sew make believe workshop. If possible we will to help you to learn or we could all have a go at something new together. Leave us a comment below if there is something you would like to try.


3 responses to “Top Tip Tuesday: Try Something New

  1. Has anyone ever tried making felt from felting wool? I haven’t but my mum gave me some felting wool and a leaflet for christmas and by the looks of it it looks quite easy. It could be something we could have a go at SMB as I think you just need water, washing up liquid and the wool (i haven’t actually read the instructions so may be wrong!). I’ll bring the stuff with me tomorrow and we can see if it would be practical. Amy xx

    • Hi Amy,

      I really want to do this too – and I also have a kit to try out! I think the problem we ran into was that, whilst not strictly messy, things do tend to get rather damp when wool felting. We agreed that it needs to be a summer workshop.

      It’s also something for which people will need to invest in the materials, as (you and I aside!) not everyone has felting wool in their stash!

      On the other hand, needle-felting is nice and dry (although it also requires kit) and apparently easy to do!

      Caroline x

      • Hmm I thought it might be a messy craft! I’d go with trying needle felting too as I also have an untouched needle felting kit I bought last year!

        I know what you might be thinking but you really are wrong I don’t have anywhere near enough craft stuff!

        Amy x

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