Remembering Nadia

When we lost one of our first sew make believe members last year, we decided that we wanted to make something to send to her family. We settled on the idea of a quilt with the theme of red, white and blue. Eleven of our members each made their own square.

Tina, Zoë S, Katharine

Kate, Susi, Zoe W

Jo, Caroline, Antoniya

Andrea, Lysy

We used Nadia’s own Egyptian blue fabric to join the squares. For the central square in the bottom row, I used printable fabric to make a square to show all the names of those involved. I also appliquéd a lady cut out of my treasured Aunty Cookie fabric.

I made the red binding from some plain red fabric I had lying around.

The back was made from an old pillowcase and Nadia’s own Union Jack flag which was given to the club along with the rest of her crafting supplies.

Once the quilt top was assembled, I pinned the quilt sandwich together (I used natural batting in the middle) using safety pins.

I even braved using my walking foot on my sewing machine for the first time so I could machine quilt it. I was so pleased with how it turned out and how easy it was (and quick compared to hand-quilting!).

The finished quilt looked great and I am relieved to say that the family liked it too; we received a touching message from Nadia’s mum to say thank you.

Before we sent the quilt, we ‘signed’ it on the back with the following:

“sew make believe remembers”

November 2011

Warwickshire, England

As I said in the accompanying letter to the family, Nadia is very sadly missed.


2 responses to “Remembering Nadia

  1. This quilt looks so good. I am so glad we were able to incorporate some of Nadia’s materials into it, it is a lovely thing to show her family we will remember her.

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