Meetup: Christmas Party and Secret Santa

On Wednesday night, we got together for our annual exchange of handmade gifts over the usual yummy treats brought along by our members. Each year I am flabbergasted at the talent and creativity shown by our members – we get original and beautiful items every year and it is so much fun taking part, both in the making and the giving and receiving.

Bunting made by Amy for Lysy

Lunch Bag made by Lysy for Kate

Apron made by Monika for Tina

Handbag made by Tina for Zoe W

Body Warmer made by Rosie for Jo

Nail file holder made by Rosie for Jo

Glasses holder made by Andrea for Flick

Button Cuff Bracelet made by Jo for Andrea

Bow and Bracelet made by Katharine for Ilana

Christmas Tree Decoration made by Katharine for Ilana

Cushion made by Kate for Katharine

Purse made by Flick for Monika

Organiser made by Ilana for Rosie

Peacock made by Zoe S for Amy (image from Zoe's Blog)

Bunting, Needle Case, Bag, Angel, Flower Pot Pin Cushion and Bookmark made by Zoe W for Zoe S

I think Zoe W gets the prize for making the most things out of her stash!  you can see the goodies in a bit more detail on this video:


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