Zoë: Sewing Basket

My Gran has lots of lovely antique sewing boxes and baskets, all of them contain fascinating sewing objects. I have always loved these items and would ask to look at them when we visited, I always had to be supervised, even into my 30s! I think recently it was to make sure I didn’t walk off with any of the treasures rather than not being old enough to look at them by myself!

My Gran is moving from a big house to a much smaller property and has been sorting through her stuff. I was surprised recently when my parents visited and mum presented me with a present from my Gran, this sewing basket.

It is quite small so I will easily be able to find a home for it in my sewing room. There are many things I love about it:  the pins down the middle, they have glass heads and some of them are really big, about 5mm in diameter; inside there are little compartments and the lining is such a rich colour still; and of course there are the exciting treasures.

I don’t know anything about the history of this basket, I will be asking my Gran next time I see her, as I would love to know more. Here are all the little bits that are hidden away inside.


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