Cool Craft Blog: Coletterie

Coletterie is the blog written by the ladies behind the lovely Colette patterns.

Who writes this blog?

This blog is written by Sarai, Colette owner and designer, and Caitlin her design assistant.

What crafts are covered by this blog?

This blog covers dressmaking, specifically Colette patterns and the processes behind them, but also how to make embellishments to them, like scalloped hems, collars and decorative hems. There are also useful tutorials on fit issues and techniques, like how to make bias binding, how to adjust a pattern and how to spot and solve fitting issues.

How often are new items posted?

There are lots of posts each month, one every few days.

What can we expect from a typical post?

There are lots of different types of post, from a featured seamstress where a customer talks about their experiences of sewing a Colette pattern, pattern tutorials, and those giving background to the design process, photography and marketing. There are also sneak previews of new patterns (and their new book), and their inspirations, including the recurring palette challenges where readers are invited to put together a range of colours and inspirations for their sewing for the forthcoming season.

What do you like most about this blog?

I really like the variety of posts, you get a really good feel for the whole process involved in the Colette pattern world. There are always lots of lovely pictures too and enough personal details from Sarai and Caitlin that you feel you know them just a little bit 🙂


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