Lysy: Felt Advent Calendar

Hot on the heels of our post about making advent calendars, here is one I made for one of my nephews. His mum requested it as I made one for his older brother a few years ago. That one had consisted of pockets in the shape of little Christmas trees, arranged in straight lines. This time I fancied a change so I made the pockets to look like presents and baubles, decorated with ribbon and appliqued festive shapes. All the pockets and the backing are made of felt, as are the numbers, and all were just cut freehand and sewn on using cotton. It’s backed with some brocadey sort of fabric I got in a charity shop, and has loops for hanging sandwiched between the front and back.

I got the idea for the Christmas tree arrangements from a picture in a catalogue and I think it makes a nice change from the other one I made. I just hope that my older nephew forgives me for giving his brother bigger pockets for goodies to go in!


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