Lysy: When Projects Don’t Go Right

Let’s face it, not all projects turn out as beautifully as the ones we put on this blog. Sometimes you can spend many months knitting something, learning a new stitch, working out difficult instructions, and still come out with something that doesn’t really fit the way you wanted it to.

But all is not lost.

Sometimes you find someone else loves your bodged mohair knitted cardigan flaws and all.


5 responses to “Lysy: When Projects Don’t Go Right

  1. Ha ha! the cats won! My cat sabotages all crafts (and hates me reading- she just doesn’t want me to better myself!). She’ll lie on my pattern so I can’t cut it out, she’ll chew through the thread on my sewing machine and she is yet to give me ANY constructive feedback on the fit of something i’ve made. Luckily for her she’s cute………

  2. But I bet she sheds on the things you’ve made, Amy – mine certainly do! And they love pattern paper (but only if I’m trying to cut it out).

  3. There’s a Jack Russell/Dachschund crossbreed LOVING my rather wonky first ever attempt at a crochet blanket as I type. She doesn’t seem to mind in the least that I ran out of wool and had to finsh one corner in a different colour….

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