Book review: The Bag Making Bible

This review of The Bag Making Bible is written by Lysy

What is it in particular that you like about this book?

I’m going to come straight out and say that I love everything about this book. It’s one I had on my wish list, and I bought it with some birthday money a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve read it again and again, loving the photos, the distinctiveness of the bag projects, the useful information on supplies, and the ‘how-tos’ which really do mean that you could put together your own design by the end. In fact there is even a guide to the order to do things in so that you can apply it to your own bags.

Would you say this was a suitable book for novices, or do you need some prior knowledge to really enjoy the projects on offer?

Hmm, the instructions are really clear and well-illustrated but I’d say you do need some confidence with a sewing machine and with wading straight in. But if you’re a confident novice then go for it!

Have you completed any/many of the projects?

Yes! I’ve made two already, both of which I love (both need a tiny finishing touch before I can actually use them, but blog write-ups will follow soon…)

Did this book inspire you to create your own designs?

Absolutely. I’ve tried making a couple of little purses – with a few bodges but with much greater confidence than before I bought the book.

Mark out of ten:  9/10 – and the ONLY reason I’m not giving it 10 is that if you want to use rivets or eyelets as you do for several of the projects, you have to look up instructions elsewhere. But the author, Lisa, has tutorials on her website so it’s not a big problem!


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