Lysy: Passport Cover

I fancied a small project I could sew by hand while visiting someone recently, so I picked up a handful of fabric, some needles, thread and a zip, and decided to see what inspiration struck me when I arrived. My sister was taking her children on holiday a few weeks later so I decided to make her a passport cover that would hold all their documents (I thought of making one each but who wants their three-year-old in charge of their own passport??). I looked up a few tutorials online and ended up making a combination of several ideas.

It’s quite simple – just pockets and pocket linings sewn together and turned out, and then layered on top of the backing and its lining (just make sure each one can fit a passport in it!). Then you sew the whole sandwich together with right sides in (leaving a gap to turn) and turn it out. I also inserted a zip pocket on the outside, and made the closure by trapping a small hairband into the side seam and sewing a button on the other side for it to go round. I did the whole thing by hand except for the very final whizz around the edge which I did when I got home from my trip.

I was pleased with how cheerful and fun it looks and I hope it was useful. It’s another stash-swap-buster: the cream flowery fabric was from Kate, and the plain red was from Roisin (also featured in my Sew Serendipity skirt!). And the bluish one is from my Sew Serendipity tunic. That’s another small dent made in the fabric pile then!

Here is where I got some ideas, including the hairband/button closure.

Here is where I got the ideas for the construction, and the zipper pocket.


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