Book Review: Make Do and Mend

This review of Make Do and Mend is written by Zoe W.

I have to go to the public library every week for my job, and if I have a spare minute or two I can’t resist looking at the craft books. This week this one caught my eye, so I took it home to read.

It was published in 2005, under 100 pages long and initially I felt it was a tiny bit dated, but I ended up thinking that actually all the suggestions and techniques were timeless. Projects are separated into sections: Trimmings, Patching, Hemming, Darning & Disguising, Customizing and Reinventing. The sections then explain a technique and show its use on clothes or in the home.

I particularly liked the ribbon trimmed pillowcases, as I favour vintage cotton cases that seem to fray at the edges, so I might try this. I also liked the pretty elbow patch, using ribbon to lengthen a skirt or trousers and floral appliqué to disguise rips. I intend to use the last one on a work shirt that got caught on something and is now a bit holey.


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