Cool Craft Blog: Pink Penguin

I decided to check out  Pink Penguin as it was mentioned at a recent meetup. I was impressed enough to pick it as the next Cool Craft Blog.

Who writes this blog?

This blog is written by Ayumi from Tokyo.

What crafts are covered by this blog?

The Pink Penguin is mostly sewing, covering all sorts of items from bags to patchwork.

How often are new items posted?

There are four to five posts a month. There are many tutorials linked to on the sidebar so you can find them easily.

What can we expect from a typical post?

Lovely pictures and a step by step guide to a project.

What do you like most about this blog?

There are lots of free tutorials to make beautiful things. The finished items all look great, the colours and fabrics are great for inspiration. I particularly like these placemats.


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