Secret Santa Swap 2011

This week our meetup was the first part of our annual secret Santa swap. To start the evening we had some yummy spiced apple juice and cakes.

We all took along some bits of fabric and embellishments from our own stashes, then we put them in a big pile and took it in turns to pick pieces to make up a pack. Each pack is made up of 2-4 bits of fabric, a few bits of ribbon and trim, and some buttons or other embellishments.

We put our packs into envelopes so we couldn’t see which pack we were getting. The envelopes all went in a pile and we each took one. Now all we have to do is make a gift with the items in our pack.

In a slight change this year we don’t know who we are making for, instead we will all bring along our gifts to the Christmas party and swap gifts then. This means that any members that couldn’t come along this week can still participate. Just put together a pack of bits from your own stash and get making.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a write-up of our secret santa 2009


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