Book Review: Stitch Style Hats

This review of Stitch Style Hats is written by Zoë.

What is it in particular that you like about this book?

I borrowed this book from the library as I was looking for a hat pattern, this book gave me a lot of different options. There are some really odd patterns though so I wouldn’t rush out to buy a copy for myself

Would you say this was a suitable book for novices, or do you need some prior knowledge to really enjoy the projects on offer?

There are some basic knitting instructions and some of the patterns are quite easy so a novice might be OK. Many of the patterns would require some prior knowledge and experience.

Have you completed any/many of the projects?

I made the beaded beanie (p.67) without the beading. The instructions were clear and it is an easy hat to make. I found the instructions for the flower decoration much harder to follow when knitting with two strands of a fine mohair yarn.

Did this book inspire you to create your own designs?

I used my own flower designs for the hat I made. Some of the patterns are useful as basic hats that you can fit to your requirements.

Mark out of ten: 6/10, too many odd patterns!


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