Make List: Kate – Christmas Edition

Since my Make List is so extensive, I thought I would split it into two. Part One consists of just those projects I want to get done in time for Christmas, either for decorations or presents. If you know me, you might be on the receiving end of my handmade Christmas efforts!

Sweet Home Felt Holiday Ornaments

It may be a subject of mockery, but I am a sucker for these Felt Holiday Ornaments from Posie: Rosy Little Things. I now have three packs which have not been started and one pack which is finished. If I could get just one more ornament made before Christmas, I would be happy.

Crochet Jars

I saw these first at Wise Craft and we blogged about them a while back. They would make great gifts as storage jars or candle holders.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

Another great idea from Martha.

Spiced Apple Chutney

I have not decided on a recipe yet, but I want to make some kind of chutney, pickle or jam!! Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

by Joelle Hoverson

Something from this book – maybe quilted coasters or some other quick project.


2 responses to “Make List: Kate – Christmas Edition

    • Isn’t it?!

      Oh and I forgot to add one more thing I want to make – an advent calendar of some sort – anyone have any suggestions?

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