Kate: Halloween Crafting

With most of my Halloween craft supplies still intact 2 years since the trip to the Birmingham Rag Market where they were acquired, I was determined to make another Halloween decoration this year. Last year’s effort (above) was pretty modest to say the least.

This year I have gone for something a little more complex: a Halloween mini-quilt.  Using clip art templates from Martha Stewart (I used the Etched Victorian Pumpkins templates), I drew freehand the spider web design on the orange cotton fabric and using tailor chalk, I drew the spider on black felt.  Using black embroidery thread and a simple large backstitch, I sewed the web and then using black cotton I used a slip stitch to sew on the spider.

How far I got at the sit 'n' sew

I used a black cotton for the backing and the binding and I wrote Halloween 2011 using a Micron 01 pen which is the pen I used to sign my quilts since it is waterproof and fadeproof.

I added an orange ribbon so I could hang it, although I quite like it propped up on my mantelpiece.

Again, this is a smallish project but if I make one every year, then one day, I will have quite the Halloween decoration collection.  Happy Halloween!!!


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