Make List: Caroline

  • Vintage Vogue maxi dress – started over a year ago, and put on hold as I cannot “ease” the pleats to fit myself! Currently looks like this:

  • Patchwork throw for the rocking chair
  • Applique table mats designed from holiday snaps
  • Moth wings shrug: Ravelry
  • Patchwork pumpkin poufe: Design*Sponge
  • Blue taffeta party dress: a conversion of a gown that fits very badly into a pencil dress using the existing bodice and a Prima pencil skirt pattern – see last spring’s Alterations Meetup:

  • Autumn leaves potholders: Design*Sponge
  • Purse to tote: Sew, Mama, Sew!
  • Full skirted dress: Burda Style
  • Tudor gown – cut from curtain fabric (below)
  • Regency gown – to be cut from curtain fabric (below)


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