Zoe W: Bag for Gracie

An old friend has just had her first child, a little girl called Gracie. I visited her for the first time on Sunday, so on Saturday I decided to made her a present to take with me. Back in the summer we went camping, and I’d bought a copy of a magazine called Simply Homemade, which had a gift of cut-out letters, so I decided to use these to appliqué Gracie’s name on a drawstring bag.

I got the fabric for the bag from our club stash swap in August, and the size dictated the shape of the bag. I made a rolled hem down the two long edges so the edges of the drawstring channel wouldn’t need any more work when I pinned and sewed it over. As usual my machine (which hates me) decided to play up, and I spent more time fiddling with the settings to make it work than it took me to sew up the bag.

I’ve had this machine for 10 years now, and I’ve never been able to just sit down and use it. It is like a Prima Donna, and it needs to be sweet-talked and coached into working. I really wish I had never replaced my ancient machine I’d had for 16 years before I ‘upgraded’. Sure, you had to wind your own bobbins by hand, and if you sewed too fast it smelt of burning rubber, but it was reassuringly substantial and very reliable!

The channel made, I then used the back of a 1970s pillowcase for the letters. I used some Bondaweb to fix them to the fabric, then zigzagged them on to the bag. I sewed up the side-seams, zigzagging the hem edges so that they didn’t fray. I did this after I made the letters, so I had more space to work with when sewing them on. For once, I didn’t have any suitable ribbon for the cord, but I did find some flat webbed cord that looked as if it could be for pyjamas, so I used that and sewed some pink buttons on the end and onto some of the letters.

The finished bag

It didn’t matter how I arranged it I still couldn’t get a good picture, so this is the best I could do, but it was actually nicer than it looks. My friend was delighted with it, and says it is already in use.


One response to “Zoe W: Bag for Gracie

  1. So pretty! And if it’s help, my sewing machine and I used to have a relationship just like yours with you, but since having the poor thing serviced it’s worked like a dream! It’s cheaper than buying a new one anyway… 🙂

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