Top Tip Tuesday: DIY Cookie Cutters

One of my favourite elements of Everything Alice was the tutorial on DIY cookie cutters. Many a time have I cooed over pretty cookies, wishing that I had the appropriately shaped cutters to recreate them. Now I just raid my collection of cleaned, disposable tin trays (M&S ready-meal trays are of an ideal quality!) and create a cutter of my own!

To help you in creating your own cookie cutters, here are a few tutorials from the wonderful world of the web:

A Thrifty Mrs offers a recycled tin tray cookie cutter tutorial.

Haniela’s Food & Photography shows you how to turn a picture into a cookie cutter outline via your photo editing software of choice – ideal for themed kids’ parties.

Tipnut offers varied advice on cookie cutter design and making, including their own top tutorial links.

Sweet Sugarbelle offers tutorials for making cookies from paper or plastic templates.

LiliLoa offers a tutorial on making real cookie cutters from sheet aluminium.


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