Wish List: Lysy

This is another in our series of posts on our crafty wish lists! See Zoë’s list for the first one.

I was lucky enough to have some money from my birthday and from doing a few extra work projects recently so I’ve been mulling over my crafty wish list, and even making some inroads into it. Here’s what I was ogling while the pennies were mounting up (click on the pictures for the links):

Some bias tape makers

Not a very exciting start, but I’m hoping these will be useful (yes, I did buy a couple with my birthday money 🙂 ) They come in different widths and since I’ve used bias tape a lot recently in clothing projects as well as quilting, I’d been thinking they’d be a good investment. Plus I bought some really pretty patterned bias tape recently which inspired me to make some myself.

Next up, a book: Lisa Lam’s The bag making bible

I pop over to read Lisa’s blog pretty often as it’s full of great bag-making tips and tutorials. Her projects are beautiful, and she sounds like a really nice person too!

I’ve been wanting some supplies to help with quilting projects for a while: a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, and a long plastic ruler

I cut out fabric using my sewing scissors on the living room floor and love the idea of swooshing along the seam lines cutting layers at a time!

What else? Can I have a huge stash of overlocker thread? Oh, and an adjustable dress-maker’s dummy, and a lot of all the bag-making supplies I’m going to be needing…


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