Cool Craft Blog: Wise Craft

This month our featured craft blog is Wise Craft. This blog has been reviewed by Kate.

Who writes this blog?

Wise Craft is written by the ever-so-creative Blair Stocker who lives in Seattle WA. She is a mother and a wife.

What crafts are covered by this blog?

Blair makes some lovely quilts but her crafts vary from crochet to patchwork to homewares and fabric flowers. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells her quilt patterns.

How often are new items posted?

There are usually around 12-18 new posts each month.

What can we expect from a typical post?

Blair writes about her family and her crafts so her posts are varied but always interesting with lots of great photographs.

What do you like most about this blog?

I find Blair’s blog inspirational because not only does she share her beautiful creations also a whole bunch of tutorials showing you how to make lovely things like pot cosies, placemats and fabric covers for Moleskine journals!  Her writing style is inclusive and friendly so it feels like you know her. 


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