Book Review: Stitch With Love

This review of Stitch With Love is written by Zoë

What is it in particular that you like about this book?

I love the look of all the projects, the redwork is gorgeous and made even more so when combined with wonderful felts and linens. I love all the designs for crafty things such as buttons and sewing machines. This book makes me want to embroider lots of things for my craft room and for my crafty friends as gifts!

To me there are three different books here, one tells you how to embroider, the next gives you lots of lovely motifs to use and finally there are some lovely projects as well. This book is a pleasure to look at and a useful craft book.

Would you say this was a suitable book for novices, or do you need some prior knowledge to really enjoy the projects on offer?

This book would be great for a novice as there are really clear instructions at the start of the book for the 11 different embroidery stitches used in the book. The best thing is that there are left-handed and right-handed instructions! 

Have you completed any/many of the projects?

No, but I love the designs so I will use them at some point, probably on my own projects rather than the ones in the book.

Did this book inspire you to create your own designs?

I am inspired in general by this book, I will probably come up with my own projects to use the embroidery motifs on.

Mark out of ten: 9/10, helpful instructions and lots of pretty pictures


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