Make List: Zoë S

In another new monthly series of posts we are going to be bringing you our crafty make lists. We have taken inspiration from Em’s list.

My craft room is packed full of materials just waiting for inspiration to strike…

There are, however, a few projects that are already planned, but still sitting unmade. One day I might get around to starting (or finishing) them!

Here is my Make List:

  • Dress from Amy Butler fabric, I know which pattern I want to use, I am just nervous about cutting up this expensive fabric
  • Patchwork quilt from red and cream fabric, this is even already in 5 inch squares!
  • Amy Butler tunic pattern, I am not sure how this pattern will fit so I am putting off trying it
  • Clothkits doll kit
  • Bunnykins cross stitch kit
  • Rowan cardigan: I started this in the spring, knitting the sleeves went a bit wrong and I haven’t gone back to it since
  • Rag rug from old t-shirts, I have been making this for years, I get bored after about half an hour and put it back on the shelf
  • Ice cream design from Cross Stitcher magazine
  • Pretty flower embroidery from Mollie Makes
  • More hexagon patchwork, reversible, crochet and knitted
  • Chevron crochet blanket – a skill I want to learn
  • Some of the gorgeous projects from the many craft books I own!

7 responses to “Make List: Zoë S

  1. I want to be this organized! I also want to roll in that lovely bin of fabric you have there… In life i am so organized- I cut myself major slack in the sewing area, which does lead to wool gathering, occasional fabric bin rolling and general unproductiveness.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I have lots of crafting projects going on in my head as well as projects I have started!

  3. I have made am Amy Butler tunic and dress from Amy Butler fabric and the fit is awesome. I also make lists like yours and try hard to tick of one or two a month as time permits. Good luck.
    P.S I am new to your blog and am enjoying it very much.

    • Hi Casandra, I am glad you are enjoying our blog. For the first few months of 2011 I was ticking off a couple of projects a month, but since about June I haven’t been doing so well and keep starting this the aren’t on the list!

  4. I too have a long list of future makes… not enough time at the moment unfortunately! That Clothkits doll brought back happy memories – my mum used to make us Clothkits clothes when we were little.

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