Zoë: Rose Creams

I didn’t feel in a crafty mood the other day, but I still wanted to make something. I was also wondering what to do with the bottle of rose water I bought to make my rose flavoured birthday cupcakes. I thought of a solution to both problems and decided to try making rose creams, one of my favourite treats.

I couldn’t find a recipe in any of my cookbooks so had a look online. I decided to try this one. Making the fondant was really easy, I didn’t have rose syrup so I put one tablespoon of rose water in and then decided that one more would probably be about right.

I was nervous about coating the whole of each fondant ball in chocolate so they are just half dipped. I think the rose flavour is a tiny bit too strong on its own, but works well with the dark chocolate. I would like to try completely covering them in chocolate and decorating them with something such as crystalised rose petals.


One response to “Zoë: Rose Creams

  1. I adore rose creams, thanks for the link to the recipe, and yours looks too delish for words, I have to stop looking at them now as I am on a mega-dieat for a friend’s wedding… must not eat choccies…!

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