Book Review: World of Geekcraft

This review of  World of Geekcraft is written by Zoë

What is it you like about this book?

I love the variety of projects and that many of them are suitable for men. It is often hard to find projects that you can make for a man that they might actually want!

Is the book suitable for novices?

It is good because it covers a wide range of crafts giving a novice lots of things to try. If they don’t get on with one they can try another.

Have you completed any projects?

Not yet, but I will be trying some soon, I particularly like the take on Magritte on the cover (ceci n’est pas une pipe) so I might try that first.

Did this book improve your skill set?

I don’t think it will as most of the projects I like the look of utilise my existing skills set.

Did this book inspire you to create your own designs?

Yes, I always find craft books are more useful for inspiring my own projects, I don’t often make many items following the pattern exactly.

Mark out of 10: 8


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