Book Review: Quilting in No Time

This review of Quilting in No Time is written by Zoë.

What is it you like about this book?

The fabrics that have been used for the projects are lovely and  make the book feel modern and fun. The projects are pretty and useful, many of them are really quick to make. I loved looking through this book so much I had to rush off and start one of the projects. 

I like the fact that each project is given a guide to the length of time it should take to complete and they really are suitable for an evening or a weekend project.

Is the book suitable for novices?

Yes, some of the projects are very basic and the instructions are clear. A novice would get a good sense of satisfaction from completing something in very little time.

Have you completed any projects?

Yes, I have made the apron (p.48). I used three fat quarters so I had to make the pattern fit with the fabric I had, and find something else for the backing. 

It was a really quick project to make and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Did this book improve your skill set?

The project I have tried so far was quite simple for me and I think that as all the projects are quite quick I wont learn too much as I have quite a lot of experience with patchwork.

Did this book inspire you to create your own designs?

I am sure it will, but for a change I have made something from the book!

Mark out of 10: 8

I would have given this book 10/10, but it was about patchwork rather than quilting so the title has been annoying me!


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