Wish List: Zoë S

In another new monthly series of posts we are going to be bringing you our crafty wish lists as a way to show you some of the products that get us excited. We are starting with my list.

I could write a lot of posts about the crafty items I really want. I would probably be able to add two or three new items to it each week. When I sat down to write this post I decided to see what the first thing was that popped into my head, it was craft books. There are loads of craft books that I want, listing them all would take ages so here is my current top five.

Vintage Craft Workshop: I love 1970s craft books. This modern take on the projects you find in 1970s books looks great.

I Love Patchwork: I love the combinations of linen and pattern fabric in the projects in this book. I find it very inspiring.

 Knitted Odd-bod Bunch : I love Donna Wilson’s design, I really want this book so I can knit some of her fantastic characters.

Patch: I love looking at the Cath Kidston books, they are so pretty. I hope this one is as good as the others.

The Shirt off his Back: I have loads of old shirts saved up to use for something, this book would hopefully help me find something to do with them


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