Zoë: Patchwork Place Mats

You might have spotted a theme emerging from my recent craft projects, hexagons! Here are some more for you to enjoy. I had fun making my recent table mat and decided to use what I had left of my lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric to make some place mats for myself.  

I used hexagon patchwork with the finished mats being hexagon shaped as well. The fabric I had was enough for 3 mats. Each mat needed 7 hexagons and 6 diamonds, plus some fabric for the backing and some wadding.

To construct the mats layer the pieces with the wadding on the bottom, then the backing face up and then the patchwork piece face down on top.

Stitch round the edge of the patchwork piece going through all three layers, leaving an opening on one side. By having the patchwork piece on the top you can easily follow the edges of your hexagon. I would recommend cutting your backing and wadding too big and trimming them down later to make it easier.

Turn the mat in the right way and stitch the opening closed.

Press the mat and then quilt if required. I decided to do a simple running stitch around the edge in a bright contrasting colour.


I used a different colour of thread on each mat, I am really pleased with how the finished mats have turned out.


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