Kate: Button Embellished Tee

I had seen button embellishments in shops before and always thought ‘I could do that!’ but never got round to it.  So when I went on a shopping spree recently to give my wardrobe a much needed lift, I decided that this was the time to get making.  I bought a white tee shirt for £6 from Marks and Spencer and then rummaged through my red and blue buttons looking for a decent variety of shapes and sizes.

I started by laying out the buttons so that I could ensure there was a good mix of the sizes and then, keeping the buttons in order, I laid them out on the table so that I could start sewing them on. Since I wasn’t able the finish the project in one sitting – I took it to one of sew make believe’s sit ‘n’ sew sessions – this precise approach was thrown out the window since there was no easy way to keep the order I had chosen for the buttons not yet sewn!  Still, the important thing was that I had made a start so carrying on and finishing didn’t take long at all.

I definitely want to make more button tees but I might consider the following for next time:

  • perhaps use interfacing to give the jersey cotton more stability
  • avoid buttons that stand too proud – they sag on the stretchy material and get in the way!
  • I like the random and mixed layout for this tee but I might try using all the same buttons in a line following the neckline for another, more structured look

As an added bonus, the tee looks fab with my button cuff, made by my co-founder Caroline.


2 responses to “Kate: Button Embellished Tee

  1. Looking great :0) I really should try this, as I often end up not using buttons as they are just too nice! This would be a great way to really appreciate the beauty of the button

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