Lysy: Colette Patterns Book

Colette patterns, the company behind lovely retro dress patterns like the Rooibos and Ceylon that we’ve featured here – plus the free Sorbetto – are publishing a book! It’s available to pre-order on Amazon now, and will be released in November.

This is how the book is decribed:

‘A great plan, a great pattern, a great fit, a great fabric and a great finish are the 5 fundamentals to completing a perfect sewing project. Here Sarai Mitnick reveals her 5 fundamentals in her trademark clear instruction to provide a rounded and beautiful sewing guide. Totally comprehensive, this title covers: sewing techniques; planning and fitting; working with patterns, fabrics and linings; and, finishing techniques. It includes 5 beautiful projects (1 blouse, 3 dresses and 1 skirt) with tissue paper patterns so readers can learn to sew AND creative a gorgeous project. ‘

5 new projects?! Are we excited? Have Roisin and I already arranged to pre-order it for each other’s birthdays? Yes, yes and yes!


One response to “Lysy: Colette Patterns Book

  1. This looks lovely – and a good way to get into dressmaking which I think is a very scary prospect! I like that it is more than just a collection of patterns but aims to be a guide. This will be on my wishlist for sure!

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