Lysy: Chicken Quilt

I made this quilt for my sister’s new baby boy, who was born a few weeks ago. I’d made her other children quilts with animals on them so wanted to continue the theme, and I’d made this one already for my sister in law’s baby and had loved it then. It’s actually not so much patchwork as applique as the chickens are made by stitching each piece onto a background rectangle. I did this by machine set on a short zig zag to hold them in place securely, but I added the eyes and the large stitches around the tummies and beaks by hand, and quilted around each rectangle too. Following a reader suggestion after I asked what on earth to do with small scraps in an earlier post, I pieced the borders together with little bits and pieces which was fun.

One of the nice things about this quilt is that you can mix and match all sorts of cheerful fabrics. In fact the only new fabric I bought for this quilt was the backing, which was similarly cheery.

My sister claims that my quilts predict the sex of her children. Alarmed at this I chose as neutral colours as possible – but my choice of red for the backing let my predictive power down at the last minute!

This pattern was from meme’s quilts and you can find it and many others here


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