Zoe W: Crafting on the Move

Thank you to Zoe W for writing this post.

After our patchwork workshop a couple of months ago, I was inspired to make a patchwork quilt for my mother for Christmas.

The trouble with this idea is that I needed to find some extra time to do it.  I remembered seeing Zoë with a small tin containing her patchwork pieces, and I then read a magazine article about crafting on the go.  So I sorted out an Altoids tin I’d been saving for Geocaching, added a small magnet to hold needles inside the lid and bought a pair of folding scissors on Ebay for just a couple of pounds.

I carry it in my handbag all the time now, and it is surprising how much you can achieve in small bursts.  I can usually achieve two ‘flowers’ in less than an hour.  I did the two in the picture with the tin during our sew make believe book discussion. I usually manage about the same amount during my Slimming World meeting and I did all of the below during the car on the way to our camping holiday.

It works well with patchwork, but many other small projects are portable too.  In the past I have carried small cross stitch projects in a zipped purse, and things like beading or button covering would work well in a tin.


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