Lysy: Pillowcase Dress

Some of you saw me showing off this little dress at a recent meetup. It was made from an Ikea pillowcase and was a birthday present for my three-year old niece. It’s a variant on the simplest pillowcase dress pattern as it has proper little sleeves (although these are a lot less difficult to sew than they look). I added the yellow ribbon and the lace trim to make it a bit cuter and more girly.

I was really pleased with the little dress and especially since it was really very easy and only took me a few short sessions. The pattern was from Sew a Metre which I’ve praised before and my only criticism with this pattern was that it took an age to find the right piece on the big pattern sheets (hint: you’re only looking for the very small sleeve piece!). The pattern doesn’t actually call for a pillowcase as the base but with some measuring and re-sewing of the side seams this works well. Otherwise you simply cut a rectangle from a piece of fabric. The dress was a little big for my niece at the moment but she really liked it. Since she doesn’t live nearby and her mum was busy with a new baby, I looked for some standard size measurements on the web. If anyone else has this problem of sewing for absent children, the link is here (scroll down for the chart).

I made my niece a jumper as well, knitted from a jumper I’d made for myself but had unravelled as I didn’t like it. I embellished it with a little brooch made from felt. That’s too big for her too, but hopefully it will fit by the winter!


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