Zoë: Robot Bag

This bag was very simple to make and it looks really good. I only had one fat quarter of the main robot fabric, so since just using this would have made a bag that was a little too small to be useful I added a strip of coordinating plain fabric down the sides and along the bottom.

I made the outside and the lining to the same size, but left an opening at the bottom of the lining so I could turn the bag out the right way when I joined the two pieces together. The handles were as long as the bits of fabric I had left over from making the main panels. I folded the fabric into a strip so that there were no raw edges showing and stitched it down. I managed to get a line of whole robots on each side, I was very impressed with myself for this little attention to detail. I am normally in too much of a hurry to do things like this.

I put the outside and the lining together with the right sides facing and pinned the handles between the two layers so the handles were inside. I stitched all the way round the top. I would recommend ironing the seam open so the lining will fold inside the bag nicely at the top, I wish I had done this!

I turned the bag out the right way and folded the lining inside so there was a neat edge at the top and ironed it flat. I top stitched around the opening to keep the lining in place and to make it look pretty. This stitching matches the stitching on the handles. To finish the bag I closed up the opening in the bottom of the lining.  I folded the edges of each side of the lining opening over and then machine stitched it together as close the edge as I could get. You could also do this by hand.


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