Caroline: Embroidery Project

OK, I know that no-one really wants to see my pants, but I promise you these are not only clean, but as yet unworn, so not as weird as you might initially think…

Please ignore the scorch mark – had a run-in with the iron!

I bought two rather fabulous sets of Sublime Stitching iron-on transfers during our sew make believe trip to London back in February 2010. And as yet I had not found a use for them! Until, that is, I remembered my love for Granny Pants, and bought myself a three-pack of cotton knickers from M&S. Suddenly I had a blank canvas to go to work on.

My first attempt at embroidery on cotton did not work well, and I soon realised I’d need some sort of backing fabric to create a sturdy base for the stitches. Out came my offcuts of interfacing gleaned from dress bodices, and I was well away! I’m delighted with the results, and am looking forward to wearing my new creations on my holidays this week!


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