Zoë: Hexagon Scarf

I was  inspired by writing the recent post about crafts using hexagons and tried the crochet hexagon. This went well and quickly turned into ten hexagons! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them (I was only going to try out one or two after all) so I played around with them in different patterns until I decided to make a scarf.

I thought twenty hexagons would be about right for a scarf approximately two metres long. I made the hexagons look like flowers with yellow middles and colourful ‘petals’ on the outsides. I decided on five different colours with four hexagons of each colour. I was still using up small balls of yarn so all the colours are all slightly different.

The hexagons are joined together with crochet, a technique I have tried for the first time and found much easier than I thought it would be. I joined them all using black yarn and then did a row of double crochet all the way round the edge to hold the shape better.

I think this is a fun colourful scarf that will go nicely with my grey winter coat. It is only narrow but could easily be made bigger with a double row of hexagons.

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