Alphabet Sampler

I love this amazing alphabet sampler from Posie Gets Cozy. The colours and the fonts make for a very pretty picture.You can buy the pattern as a PDF, which I might just have to do! This sampler uses lots of different stitches and would be a great practice piece for embroidery – as samplers traditionally were!


3 responses to “Alphabet Sampler

  1. this has been on my wishlist for awhile now.. i wanted to buy the whole kit, but they have been sold out for forever. might have to just get the pattern and find my own thread! where is the best place for embroidery thread in these parts? I saw a variety pack at Argos for way cheap, but debated the quality of the thread…

    • Hobbycraft is good for embroidery threads. They have all the individual ones, they are about 80p each and packs of lots of colours. I think some of the packs were about £10 but I don’t know how many threads you get. I have always used DMC threads and built up my collection gradually over the last 20 odd years! that makes me sound so old. I think good quality threads are worth it, they are nice to work with and will give a better finish.

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