Tackling the Tapestry Wool Stash

Some time ago now I was given this:

Yup, it is a huge plastic bag chock full of tapestry wool. Which would be fantastic if I did tapestry…

Several years later, the stronger colours have all found a purpose, but the more neutral tones have remained unused. A few weeks ago I sorted them into sets and went to work with my crochet hook…

I used the length of one hank to direct the length of each scarf, hoping that this would mean one stripe from each hank. Unfortunately, not all hanks are exactly the same length, and the DMC hanks are considerably shorter than Anchor. Still, this sort of crochet is somewhat addictive, and I soon found myself bundling together other oddments from my stash, creating colourful scarves in an array of tones and styles:

My favourite is undoubtedly the rainbow. It’s only really large enough for a child to wear, but what a great way to brighten a dull winter school morning!


One response to “Tackling the Tapestry Wool Stash

  1. These look great. I love making things in rainbow colours or graduated shades of one colour, I find it very satisfying.

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