Zoë: Oddments blanket

Part of the sew make believe Giant Stash is a large box full of small oddments of yarn. These small balls were not much use for anything more than very small projects, such as, flowers for brooches. I don’t mind storing the main yarn stash that has more useful whole balls, but this box of oddments annoys me for some reason. I decided to take action and make these balls into something useful: a crochet blanket. Each row is in a different colour, most of the balls are large enough to do a row or two. I have also added some of my own collection of oddments and strange balls of yarn that will never be used for a big project.

I am really enjoying making this blanket, partly because it took me ages to get the hang of crochet in a straight row and now I can do it, I can’t stop! It is also fun to see how the random colours work together as the blanket grows. I try to keep the colour selection fairly random, but I want an interesting mix of bright and pale colours rather than ending up with too many similar shades together.

This blanket is very simple. You start with a foundation chain and then do a half treble crochet into each stitch along each row. You can easily make this blanket to any size and use any weight of yarn. I am going to keep going until I run out of oddments.


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