Charity Bags

You may be aware of the Giant Stash that sew make believe has, it was very large to start with, and somewhat unmanageable. We decide that there was no point keeping fabric we were never going to use. We gave our members another chance to take what they wanted then got rid of lots of it. Given our theme of recycling and reuse this year we didn’t just throw it away, much of it went to recycling, but some of the better bits went to my mum to use to make bags to sell for charity.

My mum works for Burswood and for their summer garden party she made lots of bags to sell. Most of them were simple shopping bags made from the unwanted Giant Stash. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very good on the day of the garden party so not many bags were sold, they will now be sold in my mum’s local Burswood charity shop.

It is good to know that the fabric we didn’t want has made a small contribution to a good cause and my mum is very thankful for the contribution sew make believe has made.


3 responses to “Charity Bags

  1. What a great idea, my stash is begining to get out of control and I’ve pledged not to buy any fabric for a month with Stashtacular, but if I haven’t reduced it enough by the end of that I think I shall follow your idea as there are a couple of charities locally who would be interested in this

  2. As the recipient of the fabric and the maker of the bags, which totalled about 130, I would like to say a very big thank you to all the members of so make believe for their generosity. I should think that if and when all the bags sell something in the region of £200 will have been raised. So once again a big thank you.

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