Caroline: Emergency Wash Bag

Whilst packing for a conference last week I realised I’d left my wash bag at Dapper’s on my last weekend there. After a mad rifle through cupboards and drawers to find an alternative, I stumbled across a cushion cover I love but that sadly no longer matches my decor.

I folded it in on itself 2 thirds of the way up, then across and sewed up the inside, then the outer and bottom edges. This created three internal compartments.

Having run out of elastic, I had to find a creative alternative fastening, but knew I wanted a button. Whilst hunting through notions, I found some abandoned crochet flowers, which proved to have enough stretch to do the trick – and looked particularly pretty to boot!

All that was left to do was to add my button and I was done! The whole project took 40 minutes, and I was still able to get a reasonably early night!


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