Caroline: Window Cushion

Following on from our sewing on the cheap tips a few weeks ago, I visited the John Lewis website and ordered myself some samples of fabric. I ordered fabrics with pictures on, and when they came, was disappointed to find that few had any whole images that I could use. Where they did, I wanted to find a project that would really show off their full potential.

So, I designed a couple of “window” cushions, to showcase the pretty pictures.

A few years ago I went through a phase of buying up Laura Ashley dresses second hand, then shortening them to resell on ebay. As such I ended up with reams of ready-hemmed fabric offcuts. I took advantage of these to create the envelope backs of the cushion covers, and the frames on the front. I measured my cushion pads and my images, and made a paper template frame to work with for each. Unfortunately, sewing these to exact specification proved trickier than anticipated, and to get a neater finish next time I’d have to mark the exact line in dressmaker’s chalk to sew along… But hey: you live, you learn, right?!


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