Zoë: Lampshade Project

I have seen lampshades in funky fabrics with pom pom trim on the bottom and I love them, I just haven’t had anywhere to put one.

Lampshades from Rice

I recently acquired a lovely Jersey Pottery lamp base and needed a shade to go on it, rather than buy one I decided to make my own version of the lampshades I love using a bit of reuse and upcycling. I picked up a lampshade at a boot fair for 50p and two lots of trim, also for 50p.

I started by removing the trim from the lampshade, as you can see I had already done this before I thought to take a picture. I was left with a lampshade covered with a thin light cream fabric. Having looked online for some tutorials for covering lampshades I decided to leave this fabric on and stitch my fabric to it.

I already knew I wanted to use some of my collection of 1960s and 70s fabrics, most of these are old pillowcases that I have picked up in charity shops. I picked out a selection of thin fabrics that went well together. I used thin fabric to make sure some light still comes through.

I was a little nervous when I started, but it have spent very little money so if it didn’t work very well it wouldn’t matter too much. To start I pinned some scrap fabric over one of the panels to make a pattern, it is important to get the fabric pinned out nice and tight so you get the right shape. Once it was pinned I rubbed a pencil over the fabric where the frame is to give the shape to cut out.

I cut my first piece of fabric with plenty of extra at the top and bottom to tuck under the frame. I stitched it on to the lampshade by catching the existing fabric at the point where the metal frame is. I tried to be neat and use small stitches so you wouldn’t be able to see them when it is finished. I found it much easier to stitch the new panels on than I thought it would be and before I knew it I had done all eight.

The joins between each panel were quite neat but needed covering. I pinned on various different widths of ric rac  to see what I liked, I decided a mini one was the best and I had it in lots of colours. I used my glue gun to stick the ric rac on as it was too narrow to stitch on to the joins easily.

To finish off the lampshade I glued the two bits of boot fair trim to the top and bottom. I love the finished lampshade, it has turned out  just as I was hoping for. The finished lamp is going to be used in my craftroom, that is why there is lots of mess in the back ground of these last pictures!


5 responses to “Zoë: Lampshade Project

  1. This looks amazing! It’s so neat and pretty with all the different patterns – you should sell them!

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