Caroline: Petticoat Tutorial (Part 2)

Before we start, check out this multimedia tutorial for a great intro, courtesy of Gertie’s new blog for better sewing.

So, having made up my first pattern pretty much as I went along, I was ready to tackle my second attempt at a net underskirt. Not yet being ready to sew with the net bridal veil, I decided to work my second attempt from a lilac chiffon drape I had been given by Nat for upcycling purposes.

Roisin had directed me to a free petticoat pattern courtesy of Burda Style (see our Burda Style Top Tip Tuesday) which I duly downloaded, printed and resized. It was then just a question of following their directions and hoping for the best…

I won’t replicate the instructions here, as they are freely available for all, but I will add a few notes that I made as I made up the petticoat.

  • Petticoats are very easy to make. But they are also extraordinarily time-consuming. Which leads me some way towards understanding the usual price tag.
  • Cutting, hemming and attaching in straight lines is very important. And very tricky, where gathers are concerned.
  • You need A LOT of fabric. A LOT  a lot.

I have two more experimental petticoats to trial, one involving the veil, one utilising 22m of pre-cut net trim. I’m wondering whether cutting out the cutting, so to speak, will make all the difference!


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