Zoë: Knitted bunting

I saw a picture of some knitted bunting and thought that was a good way to use up some of my odd balls of yarn. It is also really pretty!

I tried a few times before I got the ratio of increases right. This is the pattern I came up with. I used double knit yarn and 4mm needles this gives a 13cm long triangle. Any weight of yarn should work, use the size of needle recommended on the yarn, your triangles will just be a different size to mine.

Bunting pattern

  • Cast on one (basically just your slip knot)
  • knit
  • increase = 2 stitches
  • knit
  • increase one stitch at each end of row = 4 stitches
  • knit two rows
  • *increase one stitch at each end of row
  • knit 3 rows*
  • repeat pattern from* to * until you have 28 stitches, knit a further two rows and then cast off
  • weave in your ends and stitch your triangles to some ribbon and then find somewhere to hang it


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