Wool-wrapped bangles – from scratch!

I often see projects online for pretty bangle designs, but am always put off by the need to buy plain wooden bangles to build upon. For one thing, they cost money, For another, it feels like cheating! And, of course, there’s always the little voice in the back of my head berating me for buying MORE supplies rather than finding uses for the contents of my already enormous stash pile…

So, I decided there must be a way to make my own bangles. After all, I was already well away with my papier mache. All I needed were some simple bangle shapes and sized bases to build upon. Enter the empty cottage cheese and crème fraiche pots from my plastic stash. Cut into rounds they made the perfect base.

I built up a few layers of paper mache first to create something sturdy and solid. For this I used a mixture of dry and soaked newspaper squares, to make sure I got relatively smooth sides and no sharp edges. I left them in the airing cupboard overnight to dry through.

For the next bit I needed long strips of a more pliable paper, so I turned to my stash of tissue paper, gleaned from a taste for purchases from boutique-style shops. I tore this into strips rather than squares, to be wrapped around and create another smooth layer on the bangles.

I now had a bangle to wrap in wool, ribbon – or whatever I desired!

(You could just build up pretty patterns with coloured tissue paper – in fact, even just a coloured layer of tissue paper over newspaper print paper mache looks pretty cool!)

To finish the wraps, I used PVA glue to stick the wool down, then a piece of matching ribbon to hide the ends. This allowed me to sew the ribbon closed, and cover the stitches with a bow or button.

Easy and resourceful – what more could a green crafter want for?!


One response to “Wool-wrapped bangles – from scratch!

  1. They look so fab! I’ve just got back in to papier mache recently so I’ll be having a go at these very soon

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