Magazine Review: Simply Homemade and Handmade Living

I found two new magazines to try, Simply Homemade and Handmade Living. Both magazines look at a whole range of ways you can use homemade or handmade things in everyday life including, crafts, food, gardening, and beauty. They are similar to Making that I reviewed when it first came out last year.

Simply Homemade is my favourite of the two, and not just because it came with free buttons! There are more craft projects and I enjoyed looking at it, even if it all the articles aren’t of particular interest to me.

Handmade Living is from the makers of Sew Hip and I felt that there was too much I had already seen before. A lot of the projects are the same or similar to those from Sew Hip. I didn’t find enough to interest me in the magazine in general and am unlikely to buy it again.

4 responses to “Magazine Review: Simply Homemade and Handmade Living

  1. I have been buying Simply Homemade, as I like the range of crafts that are on offer and also the free gifts!
    I was inspired by the first issue as they featured a patchwork/applique cushion I then copied and reduced the templates for the birdhouse and made them into a card. I then sent a letter into the magazine and it was featured in issue 4 of the magazine. I have , today recieved my free gift, which are labels for jam making!!

  2. I thumbed through both magazines at my local craft store, and I believe Simply Homemade had more of a variety of items that i”d be apt to try, or to adapt to something i already do.

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  4. I have a subscription to Simply Homemade and it is dire! Do not subscribe if you want this magazine as their distribution of it is seriously lacking. I am not alone in waiting for the copy to arrive. Every month now I and others have had trouble getting our subscription copy usually if it arrives it comes after it is out in the shops. 9/10 I have to call them to chase it up so yes while you can subscribe rather cheaply do not be fooled as you will have to factor in phonecall costs and on occasion the purchase of another copy yourself from shops. Good luck.

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