Caroline: handkerchief project

I think most of us have fabrics in our stash that we love, but don’t know how to use. Mine tend to be fat quarters, bought without a project in mind or given as gifts, too small for any major projects and too pretty for throwaway projects that will soon get tatty with overuse.

I have recently discovered the great usefulness of the handkerchief as a handbag essential. While I still favour the disposable tissue for hygiene’s sake, the handkerchief answers an array of more sanitary issues – particularly just now, for example, the delight of streaming eyes as we enter hayfever season…

Handkerchiefs are so quick and easy to run up, the only fiddly bit being the pressing in of corners. In order to create a neat finish, I decided I needed to tackle the mitered hem.

There are a couple of ways to create a mitred hem, some better suited to larger objects like table cloths, some better suited to napkins. I went for the latter approach (find a full PDF tutorial here).

This is a great project for practising your ironing skills, as the hems can prove quite fiddly, and pressing is an absolute necessity! After a couple of attempts mine got narrower, and by the end I was really pleased with the results.

Plus, I now have a pile of very pretty handkerchiefs!

(For a beautiful  non-mitered hem tutorial for linen handkerchiefs, visit Little house in the suburbs blog.)


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